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Once a Year Pest Solution

“Spiders and Roaches and Fleas! Oh my!!”

Unwanted bugs enter your home looking for food and water. These pests such as cock roaches, spiders, ants, fleas, ticks and mice can pose serious concerns and health risks to your family due to their ability to bite, sting, chew and carry diseases.

Shell Pest Solutions offer’s a customer friendly and convenient program consisting of 7 steps to protect your property 365 days a year from invading pests. Ask for more information about our 7 step program.

Frequently asked questions...

Q: Will one treatment solve my insect problem or should I have a regular maintenance program?

A: Our homes are constantly under attack from many different pests throughout the year. Our once a year pest solution, is convenient for you the homeowner. If bugs do come back, so do we at no charge to you that's our guarantee. In addition we will return to perform an outside treatment to insure that your home is bug free. (6 month)

Q: Why should I go on a program for pest control?

A: Our preventive approach keeps pests out of your home year-round. Though you may not see them, insects are   looking for ways to enter your home in all seasons.

Q: Will the technician service the inside of my home on each visit?

A: In most cases, when customers call us for pest control service, pests have been observed in the home. With our Seven Step Program, initially we treat the conducive and active areas inside the home as well as creating a treated zone outside the home.  Once we have controlled the interior infestation, a Six Month Booster exterior service is performed in order to maintain a treated zone or perimeter “shield” which helps keep the pests outside, not in.

Q: Will I ever have to be home after the initial service?

A: No, with our convenient Six Month Booster you do not have to be home unless you have a problem inside. Your technician will service the exterior of your home on a six month basis.

Q: Are there any preparations I need to make prior to the exterior service?

A: There is little that must be done prior to treatment with our program.  We ask that you simply close all windows and doors.

Q: Is the treatment harmful to children or pets?

A: No, after the treated surfaces dry, they are not harmful to children or pets. The products we use are registered with the EPA and applied according to the manufacturer's label. Our state certified technicians are trained in the safest most effective method of treatment.

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