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Mosquito Control

Itching and Scratching and Bites! Oh My!!

Mosquito control is important to the homeowner because of the potential threat of the insect to transmit diseases and create a nuisance that can disrupt outdoor activities. Mosquitoes are capable of transmitting malaria, yellow fever, encephalitis and other diseases. Peak Season for mosquitoes is during the months of April through September. Shell Pest Solutions will perform a monthly spraying of your property to reduce the adult population.

In addition our technician will do a thorough inspection for breeding sites, to ensure proper control of mosquitoes.

Frequently asked questions...

Q. Will this totally eliminate mosquitoes?

A. This program will reduce 90% of the adult mosquito population.

Q. Why does Shell Pest Solutions Spray on a monthly basis?

A. The life cycle of a mosquito is generally one month from egg to adult.

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